Affordable Supply Chain Solutions for Logistic Companies

Logistic companies always remain on the lookout for latest software solutions to streamline their operations in a cost effective manner. Feature rich logistic software available in the market today help to meet the desired standards of services as well as complies with the visibility requirements of shippers by automating the entire process.

Small or large shippers today not only demand efficient and timely service but also need updated status of their goods and shipments. Hence it is really crucial for logistic or freight forwarding companies to develop a robust supply chain visibility system that offers the best software solutions to clients and meets all operational needs. Accurate and up-to-date visibility of shipment status right from the booking of shipment to custom clearing and delivery is of utmost importance for shippers.

Freight forwarding companies need to upgrade their services with innovative software solutions to offer unmatched client services. Entire logistics operations including management of inventory, goods flow, asset management, warehousing and supply chain activities are better managed through state-of-the-art logistic software. In fact, logistics is an integral cost control area of supply chain and a comprehensive overview of the entire supply chain facilitates in better synchronization of logistics process that proves beneficial for logistics companies.

Management of logistics requires competence and expert knowledge. Logistics software solutions play a significant role in determining the success or failure of any logistic or freight forwarding company. The logistics management software provides options for strategy and planning as well as order management, procurement and return management and offers the perfect supply chain solutions to meet all issues with improved methodology and advanced technology.

Logistics companies understand that customer satisfaction is at the core of supply chain solutions and hence they take extreme care in satisfying customer needs by developing analytical process driven approach that focuses on customer value creation. These freight forwarding or logistic companies use logistics management software for rendering customized solutions. Supply chain management software is ideal for streamlining, systemizing, managing product distribution and inventory as well as keeping track of channels. Complete accounting and integration is important to meet every requirement and in managing minute details of logistic operations. The supply chain management software offers end-to-end solutions such as:

Integration of Operations

EDI integration with agencies and customers

Business analysis and intelligence

Supplier management


Messages and alerts of shipment

Back to back management or direct dispatch.

With high end, state-of-the-art technology and innovative software solutions, logistic
companies can easily handle various operations with greater efficiency and control. Separate software for each of logistics services like freight forwarding, transport, customs clearing, warehousing etc that are interconnected yet fragmented with little communication between them are obsolete. Today logistics and freight forwarding companies use integrated system that acts as a positive catalyst in enhancing the business growth and in improving its performances.

The Logi-sys software is one such software that integrates the entire logistic enterprise under a single platform. This web based modular software application with fleet management, accounting and inventory management modules is customizable with freight forwarding, customer service, PO management, supply chain integration and more. Right from quotation, inquiry, to booking, shipment and billing, all functions are integrated by this enterprise level application Logi-Sys. The system with different modules uses one unified database that facilitates various departments to communicate access and share information. It improves control and productivity within the logistic company and manages the business of 3PL companies, NVOCCs as well as international freight forwarders.